ETC group is the group of 4 companies specialize in producing tapioca starch since 1986. Over 3 decades experience , we keep developing production efficiency and product quality. Nowadays, ETC group position is in the front row in tapioca starch industry. Not only equipment and machines are the most advance technology which lead to the premium quality product , we are also strategically located among the huge area of tapioca farms in Thailand. Therefore , more than 400,000 tons of tapioca starch are launched worldwide each year.

The company vision is to be be the leader group of tapioca product in Asia. We will produce premium and consistent quality products and expanding product varieties to serve the world’s market.

Our core business is manufacturing native tapioca starch. ETC group has 4 factories in 3 provinces of Thailand. The quality of product from all factories are identical. The production lines are fully controlled by computer (Advance Sweden technology) and they are closed system which benefits for preventing animal, insects and contamination. All operators are professional and well trained.


Tapioca is a perennial shrub that lasts for many years. Tapioca planting The trunk is cut into the embankment. At the cuttings in the soil will be broken into roots after about 2 months to grow roots will gradually accumulate flour and grow up. Called cassava root It can harvest the cassava roots after 6 months and then extend the harvest to 16 months, the eye will grow into a trunk. (Tapioca Development Institute)

Currently, the Northeast is the most tapioca area.
In Thailand, Eiam Thongchai Industry Co., Ltd. is located in Pak Thong Chai District. Nakhon Ratchasima It’s a good idea to buy it. The source of raw materials from the field. Pak Thong Chai The production capacity will be 450 tons / day, using 1600 tons / day of fresh roots in tapioca starch production.


Size 850 kg.

Manufacturer that produce and sell native tapioca starch.
Packing 850 kg jumbo bag 2 hanger.

Size 850 kg.

Manufacturer that produce and sell native tapioca starch.
Packing 850 kg jumbo bag 4 hanger.

Size 50 kg.

Manufacturer that produce and sell native tapioca starch.
Packing 50 kg.

Size 25 kg.

Manufacturer that produce and sell native tapioca starch.
Packing 25 kg.


ISO 22000:2005

International Standard for Quality Management Certified for ISO 22000:2005 in 2018.

FSSC 22000

The FSSC 22000 Food Safety System Certification provides a framework for effectively managing your organization's food safety responsibilities. FSSC 22000 is fully recognized by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI)


Guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices It is the basic criteria or requirements necessary for production and control in order for manufacturers to comply. And it can produce food safely. The emphasis is on preventing and eliminating the risk of food poisoning or consumer insecurity.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points for Food Production This is a standard in the export of products worldwide. To certify the quality and safety of food products.

Greens Industry

Promotion project And the establishment of the enterprise to the green industry. Eiam Thongchai Industry Co., Ltd. is committed to the continuous management of the environment. Follow up evaluation. And review for continuous improvement.

Thai Labour Standard

The basic labor law of Thailand is found in the Thai Labor Protection Act of 1998. The Labor Protection Act establishes the minimum rights of employees working in Thailand, covering working hours, overtime, holidays, sick leave, maternity leave, severance and other basic employee rights.


Foods that have undergone a process of mixing, converting, or converting to the doctrine. It's guaranteed. Muslims can generally consume food. The product or service.


The Hebrew word for "clean" or "proper" or "acceptable" is the correct food requirement. In keeping with the principle of Judaism, Judaism is called "Kashruth". It is in accordance with the rules and regulations allowed to eat.

Safety Thailand

Occupational Health Safety Program in Thailand Activity to check preventive measures according to risk factors In small and medium sized enterprises in risk groups With gold level results Eiam Thongchai Industry Co.,ltd Committed to the importance of employee safety By strictly and continuously complying with safety law requirements